Marketing Plans

Written by Linda Alexander
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Marketing plans are crucial in the quest for customers. Yet many people are not comfortable with marketing, or don't know how to write a proper marketing plan. If you want to be a better marketer, attract the clients you need, and have a direction to follow for your marketing, you need a better marketing plan.

Why Write Marketing Plans?

With marketing plans, your company will get much better marketing results and have more consistent business. Having a solid plan enables you to communicate your message so that customers and prospects are interested in what you have to say, because you have found the right customers and prospects for your products. In addition, plans can help you identify the costs associated with marketing and project the amount of return you will receive on your investment.

Standard marketing plans contain most or all of the following sections: market research, description of your target markets, description of your products or services, your competition, budget, strategy and goals, and action items to complete. They should also include your pricing, and positioning and branding statements. In order for your plan to work, it must be a living document, so make changes as you implement the plan according to what works and what doesn't.

If you really don't consider yourself an expert at marketing, there is help. Software is available to help you outline and develop a solid marketing plan. Or, you could hire an outside marketing consultant or agency to write the plan for you. However you choose to complete it, a marketing plan is a necessity for good business. Without it, you will lack direction for your company and probably not get the results you want.

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