Marketing Strategies

Written by Linda Alexander
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Your marketing strategies need to be designed not only to sell your product, but to make customers think your store is the best place to buy it. You don't want to sell someone on the idea of your product then have them go somewhere else to buy it! Developing effective marketing strategies takes time, energy, trial and error, but in the end it will be worth it.

Marketing Strategies During Slow Economies

Perhaps marketing during difficult economic times takes more creativity and innovation than during boom times. You always need to know what your customers want and need, and to focus on customers. But during hard times, businesses that know what their customers really want to buy, then sell it to them, are the ones who survive the turbulence. So customer knowledge is even more important during tough times; positioning and selling benefits rather than features is equally important.

Other marketing strategies focus on customer service. Treating your customers and prospects like friends, like people rather than numbers, really makes a difference. Rather than asking them what they're looking for at your place of business, try asking how they are today and how their families are. Getting to know them and allowing them to talk to you like a friend will yield more knowledge than you ever thought possible.

Reaching out to people during hard times is an effective marketing strategy that will get inside your customers' minds and help you to satisfy their needs, fears, and wants. The only way to do that is to open yourself up to creative and innovative ways of thinking. Learning to treat your customers like people, and they will respond by buying more from you.

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