Performance Assessments

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are your performance assessment methods outdated? Many businesses today are still using a performance appraisal system that was developed years ago when the pace of business was much slower. Employees complain that they don't get good feedback about how they are doing. Performance assessments today need to be short and to the point, and focus on what results you expect from the employee. Also, touch on how effectively the employee's current assignments are being done. Performance assessments need to be easy to write also, as managers are busier than ever.

Measuring Results of Performance Assessments

The results should be measured consistently, such as every month. You can measure intangibles like morale through employee surveys and turnover. You can measure work ethic by checking if goals are met consistently, and projects are completed on time.

Meeting with your employees every month provides timely and consistent feedback. You will open the lines of communication and be able to update your employees' progress in different areas, often. You'll have more opportunities to set new goals and correct actions quickly if results are not being met. Then it will just be a few minutes each month to write a review.

This system can help reduce everyone's stress levels when it comes to appraising performance. You now have a year's worth of separate, written, measured checkpoints along the way that tell about the progress of your employees. It is easier to review when you have the facts documented, and more difficult to dispute. Both employees and managers will have a clearer picture of what is expected and how employees are meeting those expectations.

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