Personality Quizzes

Written by Linda Alexander
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For many years, personality quizzes have been used as a tool in recruiting new hires. Today they have a much broader use than in past decades, when they were only used as a marginal evaluation tool. Now, they are often used before interviews. The reasoning is that candidates can always learn new skills, but if they don't have the right personality fit for the job, they will never fit in.

How Personality Quizzes Are Used

Personality quizzes shed light on candidates' mental makeup and character traits. Because every job is different, each one requires a different personality. It has long been known that personality affects job performance in any job. So finding the right personality profile in a job candidate before hiring him or her, allows managers to choose the right candidate.

Choosing the right person prevents wasting time, money, training, and effort. It is so costly to replace someone, so finding the right person in the first place makes life easier for everyone. Some personality quizzes focus on behavior, while others focus on determining the type of job a person would do best in. Rather than focusing on job experience, the latter theory is more forward looking.

If the person wasn't in the right job in the past, this will naturally have affected her behavior. Therefore, looking forward, managers can find the best fit for the person and the position. If you are looking for a job, and pride yourself on your skills and experience, watch out! Somebody with a better personality fit may be hired instead of you.

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