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Rv Sales Training - The Important Of Great Phone Skills In Todays Rv Market

Written by RVSalesTraining
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With lighter than normal floor traffic, selling and follow up skills have never been more important to our success in RV sales. Everyone who's been to my classes knows my mantra; "They're Gonna Buy. They're Gonna Buy Today. They're Gonna Buy From Me. They're Qualified, and They Can Afford It". As always, there is NO REASON to not have this Mindset with every customer that comes on the lot, until THEY prove otherwise. If however, they don't "Buy Today" then we go into "Follow Up" mode.

With sales and pricing competition getting fierce, proper phone skills become critical to getting the customer back to the store. Once a customer returns, closing ratios jump dramatically. Even more reason to get good on the phones.
Here's some tips to help you out with your next phone calls.

1. Always leave a message.
Most everyone has caller id today. If you call your customer, get voicemail or an answering machine, and don't leave a message, they know it was your dealership (you) that called. This sends a negative message to the customer that perhaps they were just another customer on your to do list, as opposed to someone of value and importance.
This could reinforce a customers potentially negative perception of us as salespeople.
We often don't leave a message for the simple reason we don't know what to say, panic, and hang up. The solution is preparation. One of two things is going to happen when you make the call. Someone will either answer or you'll get voicemail.
That's about it, so just be prepared for both before making the call. "This is what I'm going to say if they answer, and this is what I'm going to say if they don't answer." Be prepared and don't hang up. Give your customer service, and value.

2. Call sooner rather than later.
If your customer leaves the dealership without buying, and you have their information, do not leave it for later to call and tell them thank you. It should be the first thing you do when they leave. Just a courtesy message to tell them thank you for visiting your dealership and taking the time to look at your products. Make yourself available to answer any questions that may have come up after they left. Don't try to sell anything. Make sure you leave your name, dealership, and the product they were looking at, at least once if not twice to reinforce who you are. They more than likely stopped somewhere else either before or after your dealership and you need to set yourself apart. If you put off this step till "later", it won't happen till you start your follow up, which may be a day or two.

3. Don't over qualify the customer before making the follow up call.
I always say, "You don't know, what you don't know". You can't read the customers mind and have no idea what is going through their mind after leaving your dealership. If you just go off your "feelings" about the customer, you are making a mistake. I've seen countless customers perform "miracles" after leaving the dealership to get the RV you got them excited about. If you're not their when this "miracle" occurs, someone else may get the deal.

4. When the customer answers, ask if you caught them at a good time.
There's nothing worse for any of use than a salesperson endlessly yapping away when we have other things happening at that particular moment. If they are in the middle of something they aren't pro-actively listening to ANYTHING you are saying. I call it the "Baby on the hip syndrome". She's got a baby on the hip, something boiling over on the stove, the cat's thrown up on the carpet, the dog's barking at the UPS driver ringing the doorbell and here you are looking for an appointment. You are now public enemy number one. If it is a bad time, and you asked, they will be more receptive to you following up at a more appropriate time.

5. Always stay positive on the phone, even if the call does not go your way.
You may have caught the customer when they are focused on something else and they may not give you the responses you're looking for. Keep smiling!! It's not over, till it's over. Stay upbeat and positive no matter what. Be the salesperson that someone is happy to talk to, when the time is right. Negative attitudes on the phone are poor customer service and in today's RV market that may be all you have.

Now Go Sell Something!

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