Student Time Management

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If more students showed an interest in student time management issues at the beginning of their education rather than right at the end, many could achieve far higher grade point averages. Good time management will mean that any student can achieve excellent study habits. It's not difficult at all; it just requires a little determination and application.

The Basics of Student Time Management

To begin with, optimal student time management will involve deciding what time is best for study. We're all different in this. You're chosen period for study will depend on whether you're a night owl or a morning bird. If you get this right you will be at an immediate advantage, as our brains actually function better when we are at our brightest and most active.

Another good student time management strategy is to tackle the difficult subjects first. It's a common habit to put off the worst till last, but this can spell disaster for any study program. Procrastination in one area can often lead to a situation that gets out of hand. It is vital to get to grips with a difficult subject so that you deal with it piece by piece as it comes along, rather than leaving it to pile up so it triggers an end-of-semester crisis.

Other strategies that are essential to good student time management include studying in the right surroundings. While some of us can study in the middle of a football field, the rest do much better with a peaceful environment. Also make sure to take plenty of small breaks while you're studying to stay fresh and alert. Spending proper time for rest, relaxation and exercise is also important. Our minds can only be as healthy as our bodies.

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