Training And Development

Written by Linda Alexander
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Companies use training and development for a variety of reasons. Many companies have overall professional development programs which seek to improve their workers' productivity and help them balance work and life. Training and development is also applied when performance reports indicate that employees need to improve their skills.

Training and Development for Succession Planning

Another reason why companies implement such programs is for succession planning. Managers need to plan for their retirement and help employees prepare for planned changes in their roles in the company. Companies also initiate specific training and development programs when they are needed.

For example, with the increased diversity in today's workforce, new skills are needed that people aren't born with and business schools don't teach. A wide variety of languages and cultures are now apparent in the work world. Employees need to learn how to deal with differences between people and to work together as a team.

Training can also include job skills like computer skills, which have become necessary for completing many office tasks. Training can help people get along better at work and teach them better computer skills. Companies benefit from these programs in many ways. Increased employee motivation, increased efficiency and profit, innovation to beat the competition, and reduction in employee turnover are just a few.

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