Accounting Sales Incentives

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Ultimately, your success as a sales manager or team leader comes down to more than just the tools you use to motivate your staff. Not only must you design a compensation program that gets your workers excited, you must also track your campaign in a highly visible matter. To that extent, your role is one of ringmaster or showman.

In short, you must develop a method by which to account for your sales as they come in. Some managers opt for the so-called big board on which every rep's name is written. Next to each name is the corresponding dollar amount that he or she has produced to date. There are, however, other ways of accounting for your sales as well.

The Software Solution

The advantage of a sales software package is that it may provide you with more useful functionality than a giant chalk board. You could, for instance, recast your sales figures any number of ways and break down revenues by staff member, by time of day, by lead-generation method, or by average sale and commission. Better still, you can purchase software that accounts for your sales on an accrual basis; that is, every time a deal closes, the amounts show up instantaneously on your screen.

The drawback of accounting for your sales via computer is that it doesn't lend itself to the sort of showmanship you need--unless of course you project the data onto a screen or present it in some other compelling fashion. One way around this is to set up every individual computer terminal in your office with a copy of the software and keep a running total going on every rep's machine. with every member of your sales force tracking the competition on his or her own computer monitor, there's no need for a central board or screen in the first place.

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