Business Incentive Gifts

Written by Diane Sievert
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Giving business incentive gifts is not nearly as complicated as it may seem to the incentive plan novice. True, there are a number of available options when it comes to designing an incentive program, but don't despair. Once you dip your toes in, you'll see the whole thing is relatively simple and you'll be amazed at the results your business incentive gifts will get you.

How to Use Business Incentive Gifts

The first thing you need to determine is to whom you plan on giving business incentive gifts. Some employers use business incentive gifts to reward their most productive employees while others use said gifts to reward loyal clients. Another important thing to consider is exactly what merits a reward: is it the client who returns four times in one month or the employee who doubled his or her projected sales goal?

Once you've determined who gets the gifts and why, you need to think about how to go about giving the business incentive gifts. With employees, it's generally best to be honest about the incentive up front and let them work towards it. Giving gifts to clients is a little more complex; some clients don't like incentive gifts because they seem like a cheap sales tactic while others don't mind them at all.

In the end, the way you choose to use business incentive gifts depends on your particular business situation. Once the above decisions have been made, the only thing left for you to do is decide what kind of gifts to give. Monetary rewards are the easiest type of reward, but many businessmen and women want to give something more personal--it adds a nice sentimental touch to the incentive.

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