Business Incentive Programs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Business incentive programs are a smart move if you want to keep performance levels high and employees happy. No one prefers working in a high-stress environment where the pressure's always on to do more and do better. The positive reinforcement provided by business incentive programs is a much more effective, not to mention pleasant, way to go.

Business Incentive Programs Will Improve Company Performance

It's commonly thought that lots of competition and pressure are the best way to get better results, but I would argue otherwise. It's true that some level of competition is healthy, but you don't want to pit your employees against one another in a manner that leaves them angry, suspicious and out for blood. In general, high-stress jobs end up wearing out what would otherwise be strong and productive workers.

I suppose the above scenario might work for you if you don't mind a high turnover rate, but eventually word will get out and your company will develop a reputation for being overly demanding. In most cases, positive reinforcement is a much more effective means of boosting employee performance. Rewarding your employees through business incentive programs will encourage them to work harder without pressuring them in a mean or overbearing manner.

Business incentive programs approach the topic of company production in a much more humane way, and if your employees feel like they're cared about, they'll appreciate their jobs all the more. That's why business incentive programs are the most efficient means of improving employee performance: 1) the employees will work harder to earn rewards, and 2) employees will work harder in order to keep their jobs. In the end, the money it takes to invest in a business incentive program will come back to you several times over.

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