Company Incentive Programs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Company incentive programs can be useful for any business, no matter what it is you do or how many people you employ. That's one of the main attractions when it comes to designing an incentive program: incentives will work in any arena and with almost any group of people. What differs from business to business is what kind of incentives to offer and how to go about distributing them.

Company Incentive Programs Are Vast and Varied

One of the best things about company incentive programs is their malleability. Company incentive programs aren't run according to any set of hard or fast rules. Whatever kind of program you want is the kind of program you'll get and with all of the possibilities available, you're sure to find a program that will work for you.

If you're running a large company complete with several thousand employees, you may want to let each department head design his or her own incentive program. Once you've given them a budget to work with, they can decide what will best motivate their particular group of employees. Once the plan has been presented to and approved by you, they can take over the rest.

If you're running a smaller business, an incentive program is still a great idea. Just because you employ no more than ten people doesn't mean those people don't want to be rewarded for their hard work. In a situation like this, you could do something quite simple (i.e. reward the top seller each month) and it would still help inspire your employees to put a little more heat under the fire.

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