Customer Gift Incentives

Written by Diane Sievert
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Investing in customer gift incentives is an excellent way to boost your business's performance. After all, getting and keeping customers isn't always an easy task. You may offer high quality products and maintain excellent customer service, but require a little something extra to bolster those sales.

Why Consider Customer Gift Incentives?

Offering customer gifts as incentives is a simple but effective method of increasing sales, gaining new customers and pleasing loyal customers. Studies show time and time again that those businesses using customer gift incentives generally outsell the businesses that don't. The logic behind the move is fairly straightforward: spend your money on us, and we'll reward you with a gift!

Using customer gift incentives is more than a way to simply increase sales. Giving your new customers gifts is a way of politely introducing them to your company. It lets them know that you care about both their business and satisfaction; it demonstrates a sincere attempt on your part to impress them, a gesture most customers find flattering.

Customer gift incentives can also be used to reward loyal customers. If a particular customer has spent a good deal of money on your products or services, it may be time to reward that person for making the right decision and choosing your business above all others. Incentive programs can also be worked out so that they reward customers the more they spend on your business.

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