Employee Service Award Programs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Employee service award programs are all the rage in companies that make a positive work atmosphere a top priority. What could be a better way to show your employees that all their hard work matters than giving them an award? And if a single award makes one person happy, the more awards you can give the better!

The Benefits of Employee Service Award Programs

Everyone likes to be noticed, especially if one has put a lot of work into something. Employee service award programs will make those employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty realize how much you appreciate their commitment and enthusiasm. And if you're lucky, that enthusiasm will spread and infect the rest of the staff.

Employee service award programs can be done on a monthly or yearly basis and some employers choose to do both. The monthly awards can be rather small tokens of appreciation given to the most productive employee of the month. Annual service awards, on the other hand, should be a little more special and go to the employee who has performed at a consistently high level throughout the year.

When planning employee service award programs, you'll want to consider an awards ceremony. The monthly awards could be announced in a company newsletter or email, but the annual awards should be given in a more important manner. Most companies already have end-of-the-year parties and this would be an excellent occasion to present the service awards.

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