Incentive Gifts

Written by Diane Sievert
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Using incentive gifts to boost employee performance or recognize faithful clients is a time-proven business success strategy. Everyone loves getting a free gift and employees and customers are no exception. Even more important is the way the gift reflects on you as the giver--it's sure to make your employees and customers appreciate you all the more.

To really make an incentive program work, however, you must approach incentive gifts as valuable investments. If you try to cut corners or skimp on the gifts themselves, the entire program will fail and you'll be out a lot of money. On the other hand, taking the incentive gifts seriously is a way to make your money back and then some!

How to Give Incentive Gifts to Customers

When it comes to giving incentive gifts to customers, you need to be rather cautious. Sometimes incentive gifts can actually turn customers off; high-end customers who are quite savvy with their money and well acquainted with business dealings might perceive incentive gifts to be nothing more than a tacky sales ploy. That doesn't mean that you can't give these customers gifts; just wait until the business transaction is over before you surprise them with the gift as nothing more than a gesture of appreciation.

Fortunately, not all customers find incentive gifts to be a turn-off. In fact, if you're dealing with a more varied demographic, using incentive gifts to lure in new customers and reward loyal clients is an excellent idea. You can even distribute incentive gifts on a scale--the more money a client spends on your business, the nicer the gift he or she will receive.

Incentive Gifts Can Motivate Employees

Incentive gifts can also be used to improve problem areas of employee performance. The most common way incentive gifts are used with employees is to promote better sales; for example, the most productive employees can be rewarded with incentive gifts at the end of month, quarter, year, or all three. If the other employees see their peers receiving top of the line gifts for their success, you can bet that they'll start working a little harder themselves.

Incentive gifts can be used to improve other areas of employee performance as well. Poor employee attendance and neglect of workplace safety regulations are common business problems. Rewarding those employees who have great attendance records or the workers who make a sincere and consistent effort to follow safety guidelines is a sure-fire way to better employee behavior in those areas.

Consider Giving Incentive Gifts from Online Incentive Programs

If you're interested in implementing an incentive program for your business, take a look at your online options. Online incentive programs let you do everything on the Internet and it takes half the time it would to organize a similar program by hand. Even better, there are several online companies that specialize in designing and running customized incentive programs for interested parties.

These companies will take into consideration the areas of employee performance you want to improve and create a customized incentive program to suit your every need. They show you how to track employee performance and notify winning employees. Many also offer online gift catalogs from which the employees can choose their own incentive gifts!

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