Sales Force Incentive Programs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Using sales force incentive programs can totally change the way your sales reps approach their jobs. Once the sales force knows that they could be rewarded for high performance, they will quickly pick up their feet and start working harder. When it comes to implementing sales force incentive programs, however, you'll want to know what your options are.

Various Kinds of Sales Force Incentive Programs

The most common form of sales incentive program is the kind that operates as a contest. The employee with the highest sales at the end of a given period gets a reward for being the most productive. Some companies make this a monthly award while others make it a quarterly or annual award.

This is not, however, your only choice when it comes to sales force incentive programs. Instead of making the incentive program a contest, you can simply reward any and all employees that meet or exceed the monthly, quarterly or annual sales goal. You can even make the program more fancy by giving them progressively nicer gifts for the more they sell.

Before you begin designing your incentive plan, remember that sales force incentive programs don't have to be geared toward the individual. You can also make earning the incentive a group effort by rewarding the sales reps only when everyone on the staff meets the projected sales goal. Some employers provide an incentive program as a combination of individual and group awards to increase performance across all levels of their sales team.

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