Sales Incentive Games

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As the field of sales is, to some, largely a game, it makes sense that the game format is a primary avenue used by sales managers to incentivize their staffs. Games may take countless forms, from "live" competitions to virtual computer-based contests. With so much sales activity taking place over the telephone and e-mail, it's fitting that a larger percentage of incentive games are shaping up online, as that's where reps now spend the majority of their time.

Capitalizing on this trend, several companies have set up businesses that cater directly to sales managers hoping to motivate their forces. Some operate by contracting with well-known online retailers and making their products and services available through virtual dollars or online store credits. Others, however, have even more original methods.

The Online Casino

Some software companies offer casino-style templates that allow sales staff to bank their winnings in their own virtual tills. Each time a rep receives coins or tokens, he or she may put them toward prizes available through the casino's online gift shop. Mind you, these rewards aren't limited to symbolic gifts; rather, they include things such as high-end electronics, travel coupons, and expensive dinners, just to name a few.

So how are sales reps supposed to acquire these casino chips? Here, the sales manager may operate at his or her own discretion and award points based on daily, weekly, or monthly figures. A great day may warrant a bonus for a given rep, while closing a notoriously difficult lead may score points for another. It's up to the game's organizer to allocate points in whatever fashion he or she chooses as well as to select the prizes up for grabs at the virtual gift shop.

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Incentive Games

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