Sales Incentive Ideas

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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One overlooked but highly effective way of coming up with new sales incentive ideas is to come right out and ask your employees what appeals to them most. The element of surprise may be powerful when developing and presenting new ideas to your staff, but if these surprises aren't warmly received then you've lost your ace in the hole. Better to take the time and learn exactly what turns your employees on.

In many offices, sporting event tickets occupy the top spot, especially when it comes to selective events such as championships and finals. A pair of World Series tickets, namely in baseball-obsessed towns such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston, are can't-miss opportunities to pump up your sales force and extract command performances. Surprisingly, sports tickets often motivate women every bit as much as men, making them all-purpose prizes regardless of your team's demographic profile.

Presenting Your Ideas

When it comes to sales incentives, the old saying "The medium is the message" holds true. Many a great sales idea has been undermined by an overly complicated or ill-timed presentation. Giving away a brand new oven or electric range in the middle of summer in New York City probably won't generate as much fervor as would giving away an Alaskan cruise. Not when it's 104 degrees with 99-percent humidity.

Good sales managers will also take pains to make their competitions easily trackable. It may be a pop-culture cliche, but the giant chalk board or dry-erase board is an easy way to chart the horse race as it develops. Seeing one's name relative to others on the ladder can produce a strong psychological effect that stimulates competition, even from the less-fiery members of your staff.

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