Sales Incentives

Written by Diane Sievert
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Using sales incentives to motivate your employees is a great idea, but only if you're determined to follow it through. All too often employers start a sales incentive program but later get lazy and sometimes even chintzy with the rewarding part of the process. Don't let this happen to you.

Abusing Sales Incentives Is a Waste of Time and Money!

One of the first things to realize is that sales incentive programs are an investment. Sometimes employers slack off because they don't see instant results. It may take a couple of rewards before employees realize that the sales incentives are real and change their behaviors accordingly.

Another thing to do is be fair in the rewards process. Before you implement the program, be sure to make an objective outline so employees know what they must do to earn the rewards. If you end up with a rather subjective or murky evaluation system, employees could then accuse you of playing favorites with the sales incentives.

Last but not least, be honest. If you talk up the sales incentives and then give your employees a reward that doesn't even come close to meeting their expectations, they'll give up on the entire program. And once the damage has been done, it's rather hard to repair; in other words, if you try it a second time around, the employees are less likely to take you seriously.

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