Select A Gift Programs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Select a gift programs are not what one would call a new invention. The idea of a gift catalog came about some time ago. But the fact that these select a gift programs continue to flourish is only a testament to their usefulness in the modern day gift giving procedure.

Select a Gift Programs Are the Best!

When I was teenager, I had one of those large sweet sixteen parties to which everybody and their grandmother were invited. As one might expect, I made out like a bandit when present time came around. I know that I got tons of stuff and that I liked most of it quite a bit, but as the years go by and my memories fade, I must confess that I don't remember a whole lot about the gifts. One gift, however, remains an exception.

One guest had the bright idea of giving me a gift catalog. I had never seen one before and you can imagine how much fun I had flipping through it and choosing the perfect gift. Knowing that I would be taking trigonometry the following year, I decided on a scientific calculator; believe it or not, it's still in use today and I think of my darling Ruth every time I use it.

Select a gift programs like the one described above can be used for more than just personal gifts. Many businesses use these programs when it comes time to get their employees retirement gifts or sales rewards. In a situation where you don't necessarily have a personal connection to the gift recipient, select a gift programs can help take the guesswork out of gift giving.

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