Business Plan Consulting

Written by James Lyons
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Business plan consulting is a rapidly growing business, but one that quickly weeds out the players from the pretenders. The people who make up these businesses need practical experience writing business and marketing plans. With the consulting of small businesses, it's an enormous advantage if the consultants have years and years of entrepreneurial experience.

If you own a small business and need help writing a business plan or need assistance with some other facet of your company, make sure the consulting company you go with is a proven company. All to often, these business plan consulting companies are comprised of college kids with masters degrees and no real world experience. Nothing replaces working in an actual business environment with what's real rather than case studies and theories.

Business Plan Consulting Could Help Build Your Business

The business plan is the roadmap to profitability. Most small businesses fail in their first year. The ones that survive typically endure operating losses for the first three years before they turn a profit. Many of these new businesses take on everything without seeking the advice and counsel of others. When it comes to assembling a marketing and business plan, outside consulting can be crucial.

Most beginning entrepreneurs have no idea how to perform a break-even analysis or projected cash flow. Many have no idea how to do a balance sheet. If that's the case, how can they put together a business plan? Business plan consulting brings value to those aspiring business owners who need some assistance in the beginning. They also add value to those small businesses that have existed for a while but need a detailed plan to build for the future.

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