Business Plan Resources

Written by James Lyons
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There are a number of business plan resources available today. It seems like every day a new book is released in book stores giving people advice on how to start their own businesses. Universities offer extension courses to entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses and certain corporations offer classes to people as well. Resources abound, but most exist because those creating the resources want to make money.

I have no objection to this. Many of these books are incredibly informative and valuable. Business owners and those considering that possibility should educate themselves. However, when it comes to the actual writing of a business plan, that task should be passed off to professional business plan writers. Your education should help you understand the business plan, not write it.

Business Plan Resources on the Internet

As you probably know, the Internet is loaded with resources on just about everything. Business plan resources are all over the place, but very little of it is worth you time and money. Reputations are built by results and those companies that actually write business plans for small businesses are few and far between. Actually, there are plenty of these types of companies in existence, but few consistently provide a great product.

In this sense, the product and the service are the same thing. The service comes in the form of a written plan. This business plan can literally help you build your business piece by piece. Who do you want to target? How will you differentiate yourself? How much money do you need? How much will you need to make to break even? These are all questions that are answered in most business plan resources. These answers can help you set goals.

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