Business Plan Review

Written by James Lyons
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If you have an existing business plan you might want to perform a business plan review, no matter how well your company is doing. Is your company currently using its business plan? Is the business plan a working document or is it gathering dust in a file cabinet? When was the last time your company wrote a business plan? These are important question to ask yourself if you want to secure the future of your company.

The market is constantly changing. Ten years ago, the Internet was still a bit of a novelty, something that was gathering steam, but not a real force to be reckoned with. Today, the Internet is an essential element of most marketing strategies and is more and more so every year. The market is forever changing and your business plan should transform to take advantage of these changes.

Perform a Business Plan Review Twice a Year

In my opinion, your business should review its business plan twice a year to see if the company is still allied with the plan. If your business is headed in another direction or if a new market segment has fallen in love with your products, your plan might need to change. It's easy to get off track and getting off track can cause inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

Competition changes constantly. New businesses open every day that directly and indirectly compete with your business. A business plan review will help you capture this information. If a direct competitor has entered your local market, you might need to tweak your business plan to gain a competitive edge. If sales have slipped, your business plan review might unveil the reason.

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