Design A Marketing Plan

Written by James Lyons
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How does one design a marketing plan? Where do you begin? What research is required? What exactly goes into a marketing plan? A friend of mine mentioned regression analysis. What exactly does that mean? These are all questions you will run up against if you choose to write your own marketing plan.

How do I know? These are the questions I had to ask myself when I wrote my first and only marketing plan. I was putting together questionnaires and surveys, looking up terms like "target market" and "market segmentation." I was going on the Internet and downloading examples of marketing plans to see if I could design my own marketing plan. I eventually wrote a marketing plan that eventually ended up in the garbage, along with my business.

Design a Marketing Plan the Simple Way

What is the simplest way to design a marketing plan? Well, the simplest way is to have someone else do it for you. Isn't that cheating? Actually, writing a marketing plan yourself, especially if you have no experience doing this sort of thing, is cheating--you are cheating your opportunity and yourself. You are not going to grasp "marketing mix" and "market segmentation" overnight.

A marketing plan can be an incredibly powerful document that creates possibilities for your company. It can help you pinpoint your customers, effectively reach and communicate with them, help you keep them as customers, and help you evolve your products to meet their expectations. Does that sound good? It should considering that is the definition of a successful business. Design a marketing plan that elevates your business.

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