Develop A Business Plan

Written by James Lyons
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To develop a business plan you first need to develop your ego. Your ego will tell you to do everything yourself even if that doesn't make sense. An ego is deadly in the business world and something that should be checked at the door. It will leave you with no room for flexibility and no access to other people's ideas. When it comes to developing a business plan, do not write it yourself.

Again, it is not a good idea to write your own business plan unless you have a great deal of experience doing that sort of thing. Even if you do, you might want to consider having an objective set of eyes develop a business plan for you. Some aspiring business owners get tunnel vision; they fall in love with the idea and only think there is one way to do things. Bringing in a different point of view will give you access to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Develop a Business Plan with a Partner

Business plans are to business owners as blueprints are to architects. It's almost impossible for an architect to erect a building with integrity if she or he has no blueprint. Similarly, a small business owner can't build a business with integrity if he has no plan. The difference is architects go through years of education and experience before they make their own blueprints.

Why do so many aspiring small business owners develop a business plan on their own? Many of them think they can learn how to write a good business plan in a week and end up churning out a useless piece of garbage. A business plan is not much different from a blueprint in terms of the education and experience needed to write one of integrity. If you shortchange your business plan, you shortchange your business.

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