Help With Business Plans

Written by James Lyons
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Most companies, whether the executives want to admit it or not, need help with business plans. Having worked in a number of large corporations, I feel I can safely make that comment. Too much emphasis is placed on action rather than planning. Effective planning leads to effective action, but all too often companies just want action of any kind.

It takes a courageous executive or manager or business owner to admit he or she needs help with business plans. Outsourcing is gaining popularity because people understand the value of specialization. Recruiting is often outsourced because businesses know that recruiting companies have hired people who specialize in recruitment and selection, and recruitment and selection within a very specific industry. This level of specialization is very powerful.

Why Do Companies Refuse Help With Business Plans?

Some companies are short-sighted and believe they can put together a successful plan with their current personnel. Why spend the money? Many executives fail to acknowledge that they are spending money when they perform this function in house. They are paying their managers to write something they are ill-equipped to write. What sense does that make?

In addition, many business owners believe that the marketplace changes too quickly to justify putting together a plan. Ironically, business plan writers can build plans that will help companies effectively adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. They can provide essential help with business plans. Putting one together is not an option if you want to consistently sustain a profit over the years.

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