One Page Business Plan

Written by Josh Dodes
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Few business endeavors are more challenging for an entrepreneur than writing a one page business plan. As with so many things in life, less is more, which means that packing your ideas into a compact, concise form can be tricky, indeed. Being able to do so, however, is nothing short of essential.

Fortunately, a new group of business plan writing companies has recently emerged to help alleviate this problem. Staffed exclusively by experienced businesspeople who have written successful business plans time and again, these top companies can help any driven innovator to condense and present their ideas professionally. The end result is more than a concise presentation; it is a more focused strategy.

The Use of a One Page Business Plan

Indeed, even if a one page business plan were not the useful sales tool that it is, it would still be an enormously useful strategic tool. As most experienced businesspeople know, new businesses invariably start with a vague set of ideas, and crystallize over time (and with help) into a more precise, focused vision. Business planning experts can be invaluable allies in facilitating that process.

Don't be a victim of fuzzy thinking or overly vague presentation. Now that you can affordably enlist professional assistance, there is no excuse for shopping your idea with anything less than an attractive, razor-sharp plan. The very future of your business depends on it.

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