Product Marketing Plans

Written by James Lyons
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Product marketing plans empower businesses to take proactive measures with their products and services. Too many businesses live in the realm of reaction, reacting to consumers and competition rather than anticipating shifts before they happen. Product marketing plans will help you decide how to design your products and services and position them against other products and services in the same industry.

How is your product or service different from your competitors? Daunted by the big movie rental chains, certain companies now deliver movies to your home and allow you to keep them as long as you want. Instead of paying for each movie, you pay a membership fee that gives you access to as many movies as you want. These companies offer the same physical products but added a service unique to the industry.

Product Marketing Plans Help You Differentiate

If you sell ice cream, why should someone buy your ice cream? Do you put your ice cream in a waffle cone? Do you have an ice cream parlor that gives customers more ice cream for less money? Is your ice cream particularly unique? Does it have a unique blend of ingredients only found in your store? Does your store have a distinct environment?

Product marketing plans address these questions in addition to a million other questions. If your product is not unique in any way, then you might need to redesign the product or add a service. These plans help you compete because you will need to give potential customers a reason to buy your product over another company's. Otherwise, patrons will walk past your ice cream store into the one they know.

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