Small Business Plan Outlines

Written by James Lyons
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A small business plan outlines all the things you will need to do in order to build and maintain a profitable small business. It will reveal your break-even point, your company's mission, marketing strategy, sales strategy, sales forecast, and a whole host of other essential things. I think you'll agree that these pieces of information are critical if you want to build a sustainable organization.

Moreover, a small business plan outlines how you will acquire money to start your company. If you have a company that has been in operation for a little while and need more financing, a small business plan will help you get this additional financing. Too many people give up on their dreams because of money. The reality is that most banks will lend people the money if they see a well thought out plan in place.

A Small Business Plan Outlines Strategies"Strategy" is one of those buzz words kids and adults learn in college classrooms and throw around like they know what it means. If your company has no discernable strategies in place then where is it headed? A company without direction will bring you to the land of "Nowhere." A company with strategies and a plan has the ability to align its employees and business partners in a common goal.

A small business plan outlines your company's future. When everyone is headed in the same direction it's much easier to pick up speed. If you have a sound marketing strategy that everyone is aligned with, all the different tactics will feed and enforce that strategy. All the components will be working together and none of the pieces will be working against one another. This might sound a bit conceptual, but many large organizations have thousands of people all headed in different directions.

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