Bath Domestics Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A bath and domestics sales representative sells bath items, table linens, sheets, comforters, shower curtains, and other complimentary items. As with other lines, bath and domestics are sold in a variety of ways. Many manufacturers use independent sales reps to sell their goods to small retailers, department stores, and wholesale suppliers. Others, generally larger manufacturers, employ and train their own employees to be a dedicated sales force.

Using an independent sales rep is a cost-effective way for small manufacturers to cover a large sales area. Independent reps are usually paid on commission so no expense is incurred until a sale is made. Some domestic sales reps sell via home parties, where a regional manager recruits hostesses to present the product line to their friends in the leisurely setting of their home.

Traits of a Successful Bath Domestics Sales Representative

In order to be successful, a bath and domestics sales representative must know how to sell, or at least, have an aptitude for selling. He must enjoy talking with people and be able to communicate well, both by speaking and by writing. In addition, a good domestics sales representative should be organized and able to manage his time well. The more time a sales rep has to spend with his clients and not on paperwork, the more successful he will be.

A bath and domestics sales representative will be aided by having some design training. Color, contrast, and design style all play a major part in selling domestics. Lastly, computer skills are increasingly important to a field sales rep. No longer are orders taken on a paper order pad. They are, most often, entered live in the inventory system on a laptop.

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