Candle Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Candles are sold in many different ways. Some manufacturers sell directly to consumers via catalogs and websites. Others sell through home parties. Still others sell through sales representatives to wholesalers and retail outlets. Using sales reps is the most common method of marketing candles.

A typical sales representative agreement gives the rep the opportunity to buy the manufacturer's candles at a discount based on the volume sold. For instance a small order might qualify for a 25% discount, a medium order a 33% discount, and a large order a 40% discount. The sales representative generally agrees not to undersell the manufacturer or to enter into any business that competes directly with the host company.

How Candles Are sold

Candle sales representatives may be in-house employees, home party hostesses, or, more commonly, independent contractors. A typical independent contractor represents several complimentary products and sells them to retail distributors such as gift shops, bookstores, and novelty shops. Sales reps are generally responsible for obtaining orders from clients, collecting payment, and distributing merchandise.

Representing a candle company is an ideal position for either a part-time mom and a full-time sales professional. Home parties allow a mother to work from her home, whereas adding candles to a full-time sales rep's product line can be a new complement to her existing products. Candles are a popular, fragrant, and fun product. Since they burn down, candles always need to be replaced and the increasingly popularity of aromatherapy has helped promote sales of scented candles.

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