Chainstore Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Major drug store chains, home improvement stores, large discount retailers, grocery stores, and major specialty retailers: these types of retailers have special sales needs. They buy huge amounts of merchandise, often need special delivery options, and demand extremely competitive pricing. To best meet these needs, many manufacturers will designate a "special accounts" representative to handle a particular account or a handful of similar accounts.

Having a dedicated sales rep insures that someone is available to that major account at all times. In addition, these special chainstore reps are often picked from the best of the sales force and are very knowledgeable about their products and their company. Chainstore sales reps are usually company employees rather than outside contractors.

Traits of a Successful Chainstore Sales Representative

Besides being able to sell and communicate well, a successful chainstore sales representative must conduct herself with the utmost professionalism and ethics. All sales are important, but no company wants to jeopardize a major account. In addition, she should be a tactful and gracious problem solver and be able to work closely with the chainstore's purchasing manager to optimize both companies' profits.

A successful chainstore sales representative must be articulate. She often will be dealing with high-level, well-educated executives and will need to understand their needs and be able to communicate her company's ability to meet them. Good writing skills are also essential.

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