Conference Planning Tips

Written by Serena Berger
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If you are planning a conference, there are some simple tips that can save your company or organization time and money. For example, some airlines will offer deals if there are several passengers traveling together on the same flight. While this may not be useful for a conference in which participants are flying in from different locations, it can be an affordable way to transport employees from the same area.

Holding Conferences at Universities

If your conference will need several breakout rooms, a university can be the ideal setting. Depending on the time of year in which you are having your conference, some universities may be able to provide rooming accommodations at very reasonable rates, as well. This can keep your participants close to where the conference will be held so that you do not need to arrange for independent transportation.

While this is an advantage of planning to hold a conference at a university, there are some disadvantages as well. Security is becoming more of an issue at colleges and universities today and therefore conference participants may need to register farther in advance. Additionally, if you are trying to hold the conference during the academic year, you and your guests may find the college campus too crowded.

Regardless of the location that you choose for your conference, you should try to make arrangements as early as possible. This allows time for you to develop alternate plans should any service provider not be able to deliver. Also, be sure that the conference location that you choose has all the equipment that will be necessary, such as audio/video equipment and computers. Trying to find this equipment at the last minute can be frustrating for both you and conference participants.

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