Contract Sales Agents

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A contract sales agent operates a pool of qualified sales professionals. These firms recruit all types of sales representatives, particularly those with special technical knowledge. A contract sales agent places sales people on contracts from a week to a year. Generally, at the end of the contract period, the customer has the option to hire the salesperson as his employee.

Since the contract representative is an employee of the sales agent, her taxes, vacation pay, sick time, and other benefits are paid by the sales agent. She is, most commonly, paid a salary taken out of the fee paid by the customer. A contract sales representative is usually not paid on commission.

When To Use a Contract Sales Agent

A contract sales representative is useful in many situations. Such a rep might fill in for a worker on maternity leave or a leave of absence. She might also augment the existing sales force for a new product launch or peak sales season. Using a contract sales rep is also a smart way to test a market without committing to a full-time employee.

In addition to supplying contract sales workers, a contract sales agent can supply a whole sales force as well as inside, telephone sales help. A whole force may be hired for just a day or on a yearly, renewable basis. Many contract sales agents specialize in representative with specialized, technical knowledge. Because of this, contract sales agents are very popular with pharmaceutical firms.

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