Contract Sales Forces

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A contract sales force is a whole sales team hired on a contract, or temporary, basis. The contract may run from one day to a year or more. These salespeople may be highly trained, seasoned veterans with lots of technical knowledge or a part-time mom wanting to earn extra money. The contract sales agent matches the employee to the company's needs.

Hiring a contract sales force offers a turn-key method of increasing a company's sales effort without spending a lot on personnel. A company can hire a team for as little or as much time as needed--for a single event or a major sales push. These salespeople are employed by the contract sales agent so the company doesn't have benefit, sick time, or vacation pay expenses.

Using a Contract Sales Force

A contract sales force is a smart way to quickly augment a company's sales efforts. No time is wasted on recruiting and training. The sales force is already trained. Companies are generally given the option of hiring the sales force, in whole or in part, at the end of the contract.

A contract sales force can make sense for launching a new product. They can also be effective in test marketing, where a company doesn't want to hire sales personnel until they analyze the results of the test. Contract sales teams frequently have specialized technical knowledge. Using such a team can save a company money on training.

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