Contract Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A contract sales representative works for a contract sales agency, not the company whose product she is selling. Frequently used by pharmaceutical firms, contract sales representatives can fit a short-term sales need or allow a firm to increase its sales force without the high cost of training and benefits. Like other sales professionals, a contract sales representative is charged with increasing sales and representing a company's products to new and existing customers.

A contract sales representative typically works at a company a set amount of time--three, six, or twelve months. After that time, the company generally has the option to hire her as its own employee. Contract sales reps may work for just one company or be shared between two or more companies. Contract sales reps may have specialized training such as medical training.

Qualifications for a Contract Sales Representative Position

A contract sales representative must be comfortable interacting with people and be a professional and enthusiastic salesperson. She should communicate well, both verbally and in writing. A successful contract sales representative must be well organized and able to budge her time without a lot of supervision.

A contract sales representative should have superlative product knowledge and be able to convey that knowledge to customers in the form of features and benefits of the products she represents. In addition, basic computer skills are, in this day and age, indispensable. Increasingly orders may be entered and product availability checked via laptop computers while the sales rep is in the field.

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