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Customer Satisfaction Index

Written by Jen Nichol
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Define and determine strengths and weaknesses of your business with a customer satisfaction index. This powerful indicator of market trends will be an invaluable tool for focusing the direction of your company, as well as allowing you to streamline your business model. Your clients' perception of how they are treated will make or break any business, no matter how vital the industry.

Implementation of a complaints handling process will allow you to immediately build better rapport with your clients. You will have a template for dealing with challenges, and the confidence that comes with knowing you can handle even the most difficult situations. Developing better client relations is a very tangible result of a customer satisfaction index.

A Customer Satisfaction Index Brings Confidence to Company-Client Relations.

Your clients depend on you to take perfect care of some aspect of their lives. When you implement cutting-edge business process improvements, like Six Sigma methodology and ISO 9000 certification, you show that you take their trust seriously. Your company has something unique to offer the world, and it deserves the best training and motivation available.

Every business needs to become flexible and creative to stay on top of the changing market. A willingness to learn new business process improvements is the best way to retain and build market share. Your business works hard for you, and it behooves you to learn valuable new skills to stay at the forefront of your industry.

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