Furniture Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Furniture Sales

Unlike those working with other products, furniture sales representatives usually work in-house. The bulky nature of the product makes a showroom the logical place to display a furniture line and to greet clients. Here, furniture can be shown at its best advantage, in room groupings, complete with rugs, accessories, and lighting. Advertising and other promotions are used to drive potential clients into the showroom.

Furniture sales reps are generally charged with customer service duties as well as generating sales. They frequently manage inventory, handle ordering, and coordinate deliveries. Most are required to work evenings and weekends, traditional retail shopping hours. Furniture sales reps are, most commonly, paid on a commission-based formula, often with benefits and product discounts. Many furniture sales reps are also designers. Their duties include visiting client's home and recommending products, choosing fabrics, and putting together a whole-room design plan.

Skills Required of a Furniture Sales Representative

Most importantly, a successful furniture sales rep must believe in her product. Additionally, she must enjoy interacting with people. If the sales rep is not enthusiastic about what she is selling, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to get her customer to be enthusiastic.

Computer skills are a plus as most product ordering is now done via computer. Interior design training is also desirable in a furniture sales rep, particularly in house furnishing sales. Although not generally an absolute requirement, a college degree, especially in design, sales, or marketing, is a definite plus.

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