Gift Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A gift sales representative is, generally, an independent sales rep who handles small collectibles, figurines, and imported items for one or several non-competing manufacturers. He represents his products at craft shows, outdoor fairs and markets, home parties, and to small retailers. He is generally responsible for handling orders, collecting payment information, and delivering merchandise.

Gift sales representatives are most commonly paid exclusively on commission. Unlike in-house salespeople, a gift sales representative is usually responsible for his own expenses, taxes, and benefits. Alternately, in lieu of commission, some manufacturers will have sales reps buy their products at a special wholesale rate and allow them to resell the merchandise within price guidelines.

Skills Required of a Successful Gift Sales Representative

The first, second, and third top requirements of a successful sales representative, for any product, are to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product. No one is going to care about the product if the salesperson doesn't. Because gift sales representatives often work on their own, good organizational skills are mandatory. Being able to prioritize tasks and return e-mails and telephone calls in a timely manner are essential.

Computer skills are also desirable in a gift sales representative. Most manufacturers process orders, list product information, and make inventory available via computer. Plenty of sales people are successful without a college degree, but increased competition in the sales field makes a degree, particularly one in sales or marketing, desirable.

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