Giftware Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Giftware is a broad term used in sales to encompass tableware, paper products, bed and bathware products, holiday items, souvenirs, candles, collectibles as well as joke and gag gifts. Many of these products are made by small manufacturers. In order for them to cover as large a territory as possible, many of these companies use giftware sales representatives to represent their goods.

A giftware sales representative is, most commonly, an independent contractor. He often represents more than one non-competing line. His compensation, territory, duties, and any sales restrictions are spelled out in a contract with the manufacturer. Giftware sales reps are, almost always, paid exclusively on commission, often with increased percentages for larger sales. As an independent contractor, he pays his own office expenses, taxes and health insurance.

Duties of a Giftware Sales Representative
A giftware sales representative is, first and foremost, responsible for generating sales. To meet this goal, he should work at keeping existing accounts and finding new buyers for his products. In addition, a giftware sales representative often represents his manufacturer partner at trade shows, craft fairs, and conventions.

A giftware sales representative is often the first impression a potential buyer has of the manufacturer. A successful sales rep will remember this and conduct himself professionally and ethically. Other duties of a giftware sales rep include initiating orders, gathering new account information, and following up with buyers after they have received their merchandise.

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