Housewares Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Understanding Housewares

The term "housewares" encompasses a wide variety of products. Housewares range from doorknobs to light fixtures to showerheads to small appliances, with everything in between. The popularity of home improvement projects has made housewares lines "hot" lines to sell. Frequently, an independent housewares sales representative will represent several different, non-competing lines, offering "one stop shopping" to his buyers.

New designs, new products, and new uses for existing products are introduced every day in housewares. From stylish glass sinks to hand-tooled pewter door hardware to sleek faucets, consumers are becoming more and more aware of new developments in housewares. The annual International Housewares Show is even featured now on HGTV.

How Housewares Are sold

Housewares are sold in big chain home improvement stores, local specialty stores, hardware stores, and through building contractors. Increasingly, housewares are available to end users via online manufacturer websites, retail sites, and even via online auctions. Pricing in housewares is very competitive due to these many outlets.

Housewares are frequently represented by housewares sales reps. These salespeople sell to the retail outlets, builders, and wholesale, contractor-only stores. Housewares reps may be independent contractors or employees of the manufacturer. Either way, these sales reps are responsible for generating sales, functioning as a customer service liaison, and initiating orders. Housewares sales representatives are generally also responsible for making sure merchandise is delivered on time and intact. Sometimes housewares sales reps are required to entertain clients by taking them to dinner, lunch, or to a sporting event.

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