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The Importance Of Id And Age Verification

Written by sadia
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ID verification and age verification was not really a difficult area to control before the explosion of the Internet, as interactions that required an individual to prove their age or their identity were usually done face to face and with the individual presenting a driver’s license or other type of identification, the transaction could continue and verification issues would no longer be a problem. However, because websites and modems have no possible way to verify the age or identity of a user, online merchants are continually frustrated as to how to ensure that the customers buying their products, who are of legal age to do so, have a good experience while keeping those that are not entitled to use their product away. Considering how often identity theft, misrepresentation, and other negative things float around the Internet, it’s not difficult to see why it’s so important that companies find a way to make sure that the customer they are dealing with is of proper age and is in fact who they say they are.

New innovative technology known as URU has now become available, which makes it possible for online merchants to be able to verify the age of the customer before any online content is downloaded and viewed. This technology is the result of the hard work and combined efforts of GB Group and BT, and it has been toted as one of the leading products in ID verification that can be found on the market today. The system uses ID3 technology, as does its sister product, ID3 Check, which takes less than one second to verify a customer is of the age they need to be to download content and that they are who they say they are.

The ID3 technology does this by matching information up with information that has already been placed on external sources. This technology allows URU to then provide ID and age verification of UK nationals that not only has been the only product of its kind on the market to be able to correctly provide proper ID and age verification on five different age-restricted sites but it has also increased the amount of new customers on certain sites as clients appreciate that the process is not very involved and is done so quickly and easily! Business is also improved when customers that would once be overlooked when online merchants erred on the side of caution, are now welcomed and accepted because their identification and age verification process has been able to take place so quickly and easily!

There’s no reason for any business to have to add an awkward or uncomfortable feeling on their website when it comes to things such as ID verification and age verification. These are necessary steps to take and so merchants should be able to make it as comfortable and easy for everyone involved and with the URU system and technology, merchants also find that they can increase their amount of business, which is always a nice bonus!

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