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Iso Iec 17025

Written by Jen Nichol
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ISO IEC 17025 sets the standards for technical capability and expertise of laboratories. This standards accreditation is concerned with every aspect of laboratory management. Everything from sample preparation to documentation skills and analytical testing proficiency are included.

ISO IEC 17025 concerns itself with environmental conditions, sampling, document handling, and measurement uncertainty, among other processes. The laboratory's quality assurance system is the primary focus of this set of standards. Keeping your laboratory processes up to speed with this set of standards will increase potential client base and profitability.

ISO IEC 17025 Provides Laboratory Competence Standards

This standard of one of the most viable and applicable of today's business process improvements. Reliable, consistent business practice will help a business corner market share and develop strong client relations. In today's highly-competitive business and science arena, strong client loyalty is vital to success.

ISO IEC 17025 accreditation will help your company become streamlined, confident, and competent. Other business process improvements include Six Sigma training, project management consulting, and team building exercises. The applications to take your company to the next level are readily available to the savvy, modern business person.

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