Jewelry Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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How Jewelry Is Sold

Jewelry is sold in many different ways. Some stores employ full-time in-house sales people. Other, generally larger, stores contract a franchise company to handle jewelry sales within their stores. Manufacturers, themselves, often sell via outside independent sales representatives, directly to consumers via mail order catalogs or websites, and even via home parties.

In-store representatives are generally paid a combination of salary and commission and frequently are eligible for company benefits such as health and life insurance. Home party sales people work near or in their homes. District managers recruit individuals to host sales parties in their homes where friends are invited to see a jewelry presentation in a comfortable setting. Both the district manager and the party host are paid a commission on the sales written during the party, sometimes in product.

Outside Jewelry Sales Representatives

Outside jewelry sales representatives may sell one company's products exclusively or represent several non-competing product lines. Outside jewelry sales reps generally focus on retailers, both small and large, novelty shops, and multi-line box stores. They travel within a defined territory to meet with retailers and prospective buyers.

Outside jewelry sales representatives are generally paid a commission, often exclusively. They are responsible for generating sales, both new and repeat, collecting payment, submitting orders, and sometimes, distributing merchandise. In addition, they frequently represent the manufacturer at trade shows and conventions. Unlike in-house representatives, outside jewelry sales representatives are generally responsible for their own health insurance and travel and entertainment expenses.

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