Manufacturers Representatives Wanted

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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What a Manufacturers Representative Does

A manufacturers representative is a self-employed salesperson who enters into a contractual agreement with a manufacturer to represent that manufacturer's product line. A manufacturers representative often works with more than one manufacturer, representing several complimentary product lines. He is charged with generating sales to existing customers and finding new customers for a manufacturer's product line. He also, frequently, represents that product line at trade shows and conventions.

As a self-employed businessperson, a manufacturers rep is generally responsible for his own travel expenses, office supplies, and health benefits. In addition, he pays his own taxes and social security contributions. The manufacturer usually provides him with promotional material, business cards, and product lists.

How To Find a Manufacturer Representative

Finding a manufacturers representative that is a perfect fit to represent a company's product line can be challenging. Advertising in trade magazines or in local newspapers is seldom an effective use of recruiting dollars. Referrals can be useful, but are generally limited to those professionals in the company's same region. Referrals generally are not available if a company is looking for representation in a new territory.

A relatively new and very effective way to find representation is by using a sales representative directory. This online service invites sales professional to complete a sales rep profile at no cost to them. Some directories boast that they have profiles of 85% of manufacturers reps working with certain product lines. A subscribing manufacturer is given profiles of reps that match his criteria.

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