Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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A manufacturing sales representative is a self-employed sales representative who contracts with a manufacturer to sell the manufacturer's products and to represent the manufacturer at trade shows, conventions, and other markets. A manufacturing sales rep often represents more than one product line, though almost always these are non-competing or complimentary lines. He gives buyers "one stop shopping" by offering a complete array of products.

Manufacturing sales representatives, as with other self-employed workers, are responsible for their own taxes, health insurance, and travel expenses. Manufacturing sales reps are usually compensated exclusively by paying a commission on sales. Occasionally, manufacturers will sell the products to the rep at a wholesale price and allow the rep to resell the merchandise within certain price guidelines.

Duties of a Manufacturing Sales Representative

The manufacturing sales representative is charged with generating sales, both from new buyers and from repeat buyers. They are generally responsible for processing orders, collecting payment, and making sure the product ordered is delivered on time and intact. Manufacturing sales reps also may represent their products at trade fairs and conventions.

In addition to selling, manufacturing sales reps are the face of the manufacturer to the buyer. In this role, they must address buyer concerns as well as educate buyers on new products and how existing products might benefit the buyer. Manufacturing sales reps are responsible for traveling to visit clients and, as necessary, entertaining them by taking buyers to lunch or perhaps a ball game.

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