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Process Mapping

Written by Jen Nichol
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Process mapping is a method of showing processes in a visual format, so that they can be understood, analyzed, and improved. It's a dynamic, effective method of improving efficiency and monitoring the viability of various processes. Process mapping is an innovative data analysis tool that encourages input and innovation.

Process mapping is to flowcharts as a dynamic process is to a simple vector. Process mapping is a method of visually grasping all of the nuances and effects of a business process, so that the system can be streamlined and improved. This is a perfect example of the business process improvements available to modern businesses who wish to excel in the evolving marketplace.

Process Mapping Brings Understanding and Innovation to Business Processes

Every manager and systems coordinator knows how vital it is to stay on top of the efficacy of internal processes. This is where the company either makes or loses profit! Process mapping allows for a confident understanding of the applicability of any process, for greater monitoring and control.

There are a few business process improvements, in addition to process mapping, that really make a difference in a company's viability. For instance, project management training and team building exercises, along with personal communication development, create a stronger, more loyal staff. Lean manufacturing principles training and executive leadership development, along with quality management systems consulting, will help any company make the most of its assets!

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