Professional Sales Agencies

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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What Is a Professional Sales Agency?

A professional sales agency is a clearinghouse for sales professionals seeking employment. Sometimes brick and mortar, sometimes online, these agencies match sales personnel with companies seeking sales help and those seeking product representation. Usually, the hiring company pays a fee for this service. Occasionally, the fee is the job seeker's obligation. All sorts of sales people are generally represented, from inside salespeople to independent outside sales representatives.

Online agencies list sales professional's profiles in a database. Subscribing companies seeking to hire new salespeople or seeking product line representation can be matched with compatible candidates. This allows a company to have access to a much larger bank of potential employees than they would by using traditional methods.

Benefits of Using a Sales Professional Agency

A sales professional agency can save a corporation time and money. Time is saved by the agency interviewing and screening applicants before forwarding the most qualified to the hiring company. Money is saved by not wasting it on ineffectual advertising, such as newspapers and trade magazine. Money is also saved by freeing corporate employees to concentrate on business rather than on recruiting.

An online agency can save even more time and offer an even broader range of candidates. An online agency is ideal for companies seeking representation in a new territory. In addition, online agencies, almost by definition, represent sales professionals with computer skills and some knowledge of technology, an increasingly important skill in sales professionals.

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