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Qs 9000

Written by Jen Nichol
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QS 9000, which stands for "Quality System Requirements", is an ISO quality management system for the automotive industry. Common (shared) business standards have revolutionized commerce. Now, there is a quality assurance measurement tool that allows businesses of any size to function without standards boundaries.

QS 9000 focuses on helping suppliers in the automotive industry confirm that they are meeting and exceeding automotive customer requirements. QS 9000 uses ISO 9000 as a platform for document control, corrective action, and auditing, but adds additional, industry-pertinent requirements.

QS 9000 Is a Standards Tool for the Automotive Industry

We live and work in a dynamic environment, and QS 9000 is now being replaced by a newer related standard called ISO TS 16949. Staying on top of evolving standards tools and other business process environments is easy with a professional training and consulting resource. You can go online to get top-notch training for your business in QS 9000, ISO TS 16949, and other pertinent skills.

Business process improvements are developed to help you and your company stay successful. Courses like project management training, team building, and Six Sigma training will streamline your business into a lean, mean competitor. Your desire to be at the forefront of your industry is all that you need to learn and succeed!

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