Recruiting Sales Agents

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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What Is a Sales Agent?

A sales agent can be an independent sales representative or a firm designated to represent a manufacturer and his product line. Generally, a sales agent is self-employed or a separate corporate entity. A sales agent is charged with generating new customers and increasing sales from existing customers. Commission is paid to the agent for sales generated.

A sales agent represents the manufacturer to buyers. He initiates orders, is the first contact regarding any problems, and follows up on deliveries. He also may represent the manufacturer at trade shows and conventions. A good sales agent also educates his buyers on the best ways to use his product to maximize their own sales.

Where To Find Good Sales Agents

Recruiting a good sales agent or agents is essential to a successful sales effort. Traditional newspaper advertising is one place to start, but this method usually attracts a large number of applicants, not all of them qualified. Using referrals are a good method of recruiting a sales agent. A trusted industry colleague's opinion is invaluable in evaluating candidates.

A third relatively new method of recruiting sales agents is to use a sales directory. These online resources give interested sales agents the opportunity to post their resumes, qualifications, and experience in a searchable database. A prospective employer can then browse through these candidates at his leisure with no financial commitment. Alternatively, an employer can post a job opportunity and have interested sales people respond to it. This method reaches a must larger audience than individual newspaper advertising.

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