Sales Force Management

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Every business executive and sales manager has a different style, but certain actions are key to managing a sales force well. First, a company should hire the best and most qualified sales people it can find. Settling for a candidate just because a manager doesn't have the time to find someone else is not a smart move in the long run. Having to terminate an employee, even if justified, is never pleasant.

Communication is also essential to keeping a good sales team. A sales manager should keep his employees informed about sales numbers and corporate news. He should share the good news as well as the not-so-good news. Occasionally traveling with field reps on sales calls makes sense and enables the manager to meet clients and get a feel for the sales reps opportunities and challenges.

How To Motivate Sales Representatives

Each employee is motivated by something different, but a common denominator is usually money. Paying competitive commissions and paying them in a timely manner is a good start to keeping a sales force happy. It is wise to communicate any changes in commission policy as soon as they are known.

Sales incentives and employee recognition are also good ways to motivate a sales staff. Rewarding increased sales with cash or other award allows a striving salesperson to feel good about themselves. Periodic sales meetings are important, also. Sharing ideas among the sales staff can improve everyone's sales.

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